3 friends of mine
Saturday, October 8, 2011 @ 11:05 AM | 0 dreamers

assalamualaikum and gud morning :D
it's already 3 days i left my second house . i missed everyone there . especially my room-mates and this makcik that always hang out with me . who are they ? ainun + yani + mai a.k.a makcik tua . hahaha
my room-mates , ainun and yani . one from terengganu and one from kelantan . they were the one who always accompanied me , give me their shoulders when i'm in a mess , made me laughed all the times , and understand me so much . i wanna stay and hang out with you girls again . i hope that next semester we'll be meeting again . thank you girls 'coz always give me lots of support . you girls are my sisters 'till the end . i love and miss you girls damn much ! i'll never forget what you've done to me and you girls are the best room-mates ever and ever . that's the truth , no lies appears :D

one more person that i have to mention to you , my dear blog . makcik tua . hahaha . why i called her with that name ? isn't it nice . not bad right . makcik tua a.k.a mai . kahkahkah . i'll tell you a story . i'm just make it a simple short story okay . she's the one who dare called me nenek . am i that old ? anyway , since she called me that , i called her makcik tua . hahaha . so sweet right ? whatever . so , melekat la panggilan tu sampai sekarang . she's the other person that i always hang out with . i accompanied her and she accompanied me back . we've a nice chit chat ever . she shared with me her story and i shared mine too . that was totally a wonderful moment . i'll never forget that and i missed you already :')

you all are the best friends of mine and special to me . no matter what happen on the other day , you all still my friends . have a nice holiday !

* creamshake *