Sunday, October 27, 2013 @ 10:30 PM | 0 dreamers

oh my Allah
muet is getting near and near
i can't even change the date
also escape from it
it's hard to believe that the time is difficult to catch up
but if we want something and we tried very best 
in order to achieve it 
even the time cannot stop us from it

oh gosh
i really hope that i'm well prepared for it
i don't know what to study anymore
just read and speak i guess
i keep wondering if i can really talk in English fluently or not
just have a trust in me
that i can do it 
that i can manage it
that i can pass it with flying colors

here goes the practices
' Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to every single one of you '
that's for the greetings
how is it goin' ? do you have something better than that ? you can share with me
i'm not as fierce as a wild tiger in the jungle you know
' i think the ... the main reason why i say this is ... '
blah blah blah
that's for the next thing to say
what an ' incredible ' script i guess

* wanna laugh. wanna scream. wanna run. wanna relax. lots of wanna. i can't write much longer than those four. just wish that i get the most easiest question of all. that's all i can say. calm down. take a deep breath and let it go. don't think too much or you'll just gain a headache. i don't want that. trust me. so, i'm gonna face it .oh yeah .


3 hearts
Wednesday, October 23, 2013 @ 4:00 PM | 0 dreamers

two plus one equal to three
guess what
two hearts from the above combined with mine
it's a simple calculation but left a deep meaning behind 
definitely hard to admit it but it's totally true
no lies i swear to you

thanks for staying even just for a while not quite long 
maybe it's only for attending the muet
but for me it's more than that
sleeping, laughing and hanging out together
don't you see that while doing those stuff
creates a wonderful sweet memories in mind
also warm your tiny heart

anybody maybe or already experienced those kinds of things
including me of course
but one thing for sure is
sometimes not all realized that
the fun stuffs are the reason why we keep smiling 
like a nuts in middle of nowhere 
the fun stuffs are the reason why we keep missing them
the fun stuffs are the reason why we keep talking about them
the fun stuffs are the reason why we keep reviewing the photos
taken a few days, several months, and years ago

* i hope that our friendship last long and totally wish that we don't have to ' break up '. let's create lots of magical beautiful sweet pieces of memories. hard to collect them when you're dead . easy to find, recall and keep them while you're alive. bear in mind that never let your precious memories scattered all over the place simply just like that. fetch and place them nicely in your ' secret box ' so that you'll not forgetting them forever.