Friday, April 15, 2016 @ 10:22 PM | 0 dreamers

it's been a long time isn't?
totally been busy lately, even right now
i've been thinking when should i write and 
on what kind of topic that i need to share 
suddenly, " ah...i know " something like that
so without any hesitation and before all the ideas lost,
here i come

" Numbers "
i'm fully aware about this which 
not all of us interested with it
some of them kinda phobia and others might even
carve their own stuffs with numbers
well let me get straight into this
most people dislike others questioning their own age
i don't really care though

human do age and that numbers gonna keep raising non-stop
not until you're finally dead, rotten in the grave 
with nobody can help you except yourself
that's why it's important to figure out what you wish to do now and afterwards
doesn't really necessary to look backwards, your past i mean
because not all of your old records will give you a nice impact in your life
should have been better to forget things than to remember them
BUT if there's memories you treasure most, hold them instead of let them go

i'm already turning 23 years old this year, full stop.
i can't believe it at all because time flows so fast
believe it or not you'll get wrinkled no matter what kind of products you used
sooner or later, only a matter of time 
well, i don't give it a hard thought about it
wasting my time because there's a lot more things i need to accomplish 
for now i'm aiming to become a tailor and sewing all kinds of fabrics
which i can get my hands onto it, no doubt about it-wish me luck
both are fun, studying books and fabrics
so if i can decide what i want for my own self, i bet you also have the right to do it
should i get married or something afterwards?
just joking.

* no worries
no matter how much you're aging, those who loved you will definitely accept you as fine as you are
so it's okay .