Friday, March 22, 2013 @ 11:36 PM | 0 dreamers

i'm totally sorry for leaving you behind quite long i supposed
but um anyway there's something that i wanna thanks for and to
thanks to my friends also families who sent me messages and posts birthday things on my wall
thanks to my housemates for the surprising tiramisu and the gift
thanks to my friends who sang the old fashioned birthday song to me in the class
thanks for the gifts, events, and everything
i'm absolutely touched with what you all have done for me

thanks to the cake because i'm already fell in love with tiramisu
at first, i thought there'll be no such thing like 'celebrating' my birthday this year
but i'm wrong and actually i don't really mind if there is party or what so ever
because the most meaningful is
when there are people around me say 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'
that's quite enough for me
but since they wanna to celebrate it too
why not ? i just go along with it
what i'm trying to say is i'm not so complicated
everything is simple .

finally, number 2 in front of the age
i'm glad and slightly feel sad
i'm happy because i'm the grown up teenager
i'm a little bit sad because i'm gonna get older
but that's life isn't
people keep grown up day by day
and it's not like the 'peterpan' story
who stays young and not getting old
it's just a fantasy 
so, moving on i say .