run away
Tuesday, May 7, 2013 @ 11:33 PM | 2 dreamers

i bet most people choose to stay in dream than reality
i'm one of them actually
there's so many conflicts in true life
but it is simple and easy to live in a fantasy
i hope my life just simple as that
thinking nothing except myself
what a life
and that's truly impossible 

if i'm not too responsible as i am right now
i'll run away and choose to block everything
but even i did that, my life won't be easy and perfect
it'll turn into HELL
keep running away doesn't give any merit 
because to live, don't forget the responsibilities
once forgotten, no purpose of continuing this life anymore

it's like a road
when there's bumper in front, car need to be slowed down
when the traffic light turn red, car need to be stopped
there's rules that must be followed right
same as reality
no responsibility in-self no way life can be go on 
i guess i can't run except face and do it

* if you do everything right and with all the effort you have, it'll be easy and just try 
without trying you're nothing just a piece of trash on the road. useless