redeem back
Friday, March 14, 2014 @ 10:12 AM | 0 dreamers

how are you ?
i'm deeply sorry for not leaving any posts till now
it's quite a long period isn't ?
i missed so much to write
but the time always you know 
busy and busy
see that photo ?
i've been there on January
i'm truly amazed with that museum
lots of new stuffs about chocolates i've learnt
dark chocolate is the best 

high 5?
yes i've been here too and on my way there 
i'm overly excited, for the first time
got free different kinds of breads
not bad
makes me wanna go there again
get free things is a good thing right
what if everything on earth is free especially FOOD ?
can't stop imagine that

i'm happy, really
visit new places and creates lots of memories
knowing every single one of you my fellow friends
is the most unforgettable moment in my life
laugh, talk, eat, and spend time together
i'm gonna miss that much
even right now

* friends are someone that we really need in our life instead of our family. well you don't wanna be alone out there right. what if there is nobody beside you even your friends are not ? what would happen then ? well even i'm afraid to think about it even the slightest . so make friends . it's fun .