crazy folks
Friday, March 14, 2014 @ 10:46 AM | 3 dreamers

first of all
thank you for the birthday cake-black forest
if i'm not mistaken
totally love it damn much
cakes are my favorite 

western ?
according to what they said, not much
something's wrong with that food
but some of it can still
i mean digested
who would dare to push away the food even if it taste bad
when you're super hungry right

i've got no comment
because i'm not really hungry during the night
drink few glasses of warm water just nice
but i did taste a little ONLY
on the next day, you can predict what's really happened
my tummy-got hurt
poor my baby

i'm not gonna let our sweet memories go away
scattered everywhere just like that
i'll treasure it
i'll keep it here
in my memory's closet

* i wish that we'll always stick together no matter what happen and keep in touch