Friday, September 12, 2014 @ 9:30 AM | 0 dreamers

always been so long not to write 
and speak alone like a crazy old woman in a bedroom
i assume and um yeah i'm sorry again and again
for forgetting and keep in silence without any news
please forgive me the person who troubled you so much your 'highness'

let me start my lecture tonight on sushi
hearing about it make me hungry already
i don't really give a thought on the names of that thing
as i can remembered, i'm only eating it without being curious
i lied. i did asked about what stuff that is stuffed in it
mostly seafood and i hate in-water-food
it's not like i've some allergy on it
i'm just-DISLIKE them a lot

Alhamdulillah because i've found sushi that is fish-based
i mean salmon, tuna and ... i forgot
only fish is acceptable
thanks to my friend for 'forcing' me to try badly
'delicious', i said. 'really? pick some more', she said.
and actually i'm having a huge problem with that sticks
for the first few minutes, i'm thinking that i'm gonna throw you away
and use my bare hands for good instead of figuring on how to exactly use you
but then i can't because it's worth trying something new 
especially other culture and finally i did it
what a hard way to eat-makes me tired

* that day was the first day in my whole life-eating that sushi together with you. i appreciated a lot. i want us to be like that again, one day. i mean it and i'm not lying. it's just